Our brand was initially born from a traction problem-solving idea co-founder, Daichi Nakagawa, had for indoor basketball players. And though this product is still under development, we decided to first launch our premium sneaker freshener line, ANTIDŌT®. The inspiration behind ANTIDŌT was to create a fresh new solution that addressed the marketplace for pre-owned sneakers. With unique and exciting fragrances to choose from, it's the perfect way to freshen up shoes instantly and effectively.


Our Vision is to become the world’s most innovative, premier shoe care brand for sneaker connoisseurs - reshaping how people care for their shoes.


Our Mission is to design premium shoe care solutions focusing on convenience, effectiveness and innovation.


sōlscience will continue to manifest itself in various forms. A natural, process-driven journey with a mission to improve the experiences of like-minded individuals, sōlscience is committed to honest, careful and thoughtful development that blends and balances function with form and science with sensibility.



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