A nostalgic, sweet and cool, candy-like

watermelon aroma

FSL (Fragrance Strength Level) ~ 6/10

A fresh aromatic scent with a bright yet sweet ripeness, leading into a

calming zen-like finish

FSL ~ 7

A special rainbow blend of delicious fruit

flavor aromas that packs a punch

FSL ~ 8.5


A mellow fragrance with the soothing

and finely balanced scent of peppermint

*Available Fall~Winter

FSL ~ 4

A stronger, icier version of the original

Kandy Kayne fragrance

*Available Fall~Winter

FSL ~ 7

A super bright and fresh sun-ripened citrus scent

*Available Spring~Summer

FSL ~ 8


A chillaxing tropical scent that's subtly

sweet, yet cool and delightfully refreshing

In collaboration with Under The Palms

FSL ~ 4.5

The crisp, fresh and delicious red apple

In collaboration with TracyDesu

FSL ~ 4.5

Calm and airy like the spring morning breeze; a pleasant and relaxing

floral scent of cherry blossoms

In collaboration with TayTay Bettis

FSL ~ 5

Floral notes gently transition into a perfectly balanced scent of a juicy,

freshly ripen honeydew

In collaboration with Infamous Kayce

FSL ~ 5.5

A complex, yet clean maple scent with hints of caramel and vanilla.

In collaboration with Under The Palms

FSL: 6

A dark, bold and seductive black cherry

scent perfect for the sneaker collector with

a sophisticated nose

In collaboration with Jumpman Bostic

FSL ~ 7

A bold, musky scent

In collaboration with Clipps & Drew of

The Follow Through Podcast

FSL ~ 9.5


Upfront notes of fresh glue and leather,

finishing off with a hint of rubber

Limited Reserve

FSL ~ 8.5

Limited Release

A seductive upfront sweetness that

leads into a clean aromatic fresh finish

Approx. 1.50 carats of natural diamonds

*[BLACK EDITION] contains Onyx

FSL ~ 6.5

FSL : Fragrance Strength Level

1 (Light) - 10 (Strong)

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