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Our first Sneaker Con in Anaheim on July 22-23, 2017 at the Anaheim Convention Center was a success. But, success is subjective and what it means to one, may differ from what it means to another. We didn't resell $10,000.00 worth of Supreme. But we did get to educate a...

Michy Asquith aka @ma76bball our family member currently residing in Japan who is a huge advocate of positivity and basketball, supporting ANTIDOT Sneaker Freshener [Deodorizer + Fragrance] as always and highlights JumpmanBostic's Midnight Cherry fragrance in his lates...

Thanks Hes Kicks for the shout out of Jumpman Bostic's Midnight Cherry ANTIDŌT sneaker freshener!

Thank you Clint Miller for doing a full review on a few of our fragrances... specifically, Our UnderThePalms Tropicali collaboration, Jumpman Bostic's collaboration and also the LUXXE Limited Reserve g leth r, that smells like, in Franchise Kick's exact words, a "new N...

Summertime, 2009. That's around the time I reached out to Neek - simply out of intrigue.

Becoming fascinated with streetwear and creative culture probably just one or two years after the new millenium, discovering the online presence of entities such as Digital Gra...

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