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"No.5" was a collaborative effort between BBall Junkies and sōlscience created around the idea of ballin' fresh and making sure you don't foul out. No.5 represents the fifth foul in the NBA suggesting that by using the ANTIDŌT No.5 Sneaker Freshener, your sneakers will...

Our good friend Rob's (aka @stangnhoops) daughters hooked it up major w/ a super legit unboxing video of two of our more recent ANTIDOT sneaker fresheners, specifically, @tracydesu's SUPringo and @underthepalms' Maple Drips. Thank you to @theemiliezone and big sis Kayl...

So our brand is for basketball and sneaker enthusiasts with a dash of street culture influence. Like this right here. Some may not recognize the flip and that's just blasphemy!

Finding out Verdy (Girls Don't Cry, Wasted Youth, VK Design) initially designed a t-shirt gra...

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