Elevate the Unboxing Experience

Introducing UNBX® Key

From The Makers of ANTIDŌT®

The World's First Sneaker Unboxing Key

The UNBX Key is...

  • Elevating the unboxing experience through convenience & simplicity

  • Made of laser-cut stainless steel

  • Meticulously hand-crafted with care

Limited Production Run Quantities

  • Introductory Price for First Production Run

Practice Safe Unboxing. UNBX® With Care.


Read about how UNBX Key came about here.

How the UNBX Key is Made

Each key is made-to-order.


After the UNBX® Key is laser-cut and machine-edged, we individually finish each one by hand. During this finishing process, we spend a considerable amount of time on each UNBX Key grinding, sanding and polishing the surface using various grades of fine abrasives. 

The UNBX Key is then inspected under magnification, hand-stamped and performance tested. Upon inspection approval, it is given a final polish and packaged in a storing pouch. The pouch itself is also handmade by us.

Why do we spend so much time on each? Because being "slow and meticulous" is part of who we are.

Functionally beautiful, each UNBX Key is uniquely handcrafted with care.

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