The Premium Sneaker Freshener [Deodorizer + Fragrance]

The inspiration behind our ANTIDŌT line was to create a fresh new solution that addressed the marketplace for pre-owned sneakers. Developed by a team of sneakerheads and chemists, the result of our efforts has become the cure for sneaker funk. 

The Back Story

After an unsuccessful search for a new pair of Nike Lebron X, co-founder Daichi Nakagawa resorted to a pre-owned pair on eBay. Upon receipt (and being a germaphobe), he quickly realized that there was no definitive sneaker deodorizer available for sneaker heads. So we set out on a mission to create the best smelling premium footwear fresheners of its kind. Made by sneakerheads for sneakerheads.


  • Pre-Owned Kicks

  • Post-Athletic Activities

  • Sneaker Collection Refresh

  • The Finishing Touch After a Sneaker Cleaning Session 


  • A fine mist spray is the delivery method of choice based on its instant effectiveness on odor, and capability to quickly treat multiple pairs of footwear

  • 2 oz. Travel Friendly sizes are offered

  • Fun Scents




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