This fragrance was specifically developed with summer in mind. It's the perfect season to get energized and go for a run or play some sports in your athletic performers you've been waiting to unbox. A wonderful crisp burst of citrus, perfect for the hot sunny days to refresh your kicks. Show some love and give your pair the cool-down it deserves with this exciting fresh scent, Citrus Chill. Free Mr. Chill decal included with every order.

ANTIDŌT - Citrus Chill

  • Our unique fresh blend created for the hot summer months, Citrus Chill bursts with a super bright and crisp sun-ripened citrus scent. Your sneakers will be instantly refreshed with a delightful citrus blend of pomelo and grapefruit. A must-have fragrance for your hard-working, summertime kicks.


    Fragrance Strength Level: 8/10

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