SUPringo was developed in collaboration with the vibrant @TracyDesu who effortlesly melds the worlds of cosplay, rare sneakers and streetwear brands into her own unique expression and sense of style. We wanted to incorporate TracyDesu's favorite brands' iconic elements into her signature fragrance. Including the box logo, the quotes and zip-tie, the wavy font logo, and the camo pattern became our way of paying homage by pastiche.


Free decal included with every order.

ANTIDŌT - TracyDesu's SUPringo

  • SUPringo, a blend of the word Supreme and ringo (apple in Japanese), is our most hype ANTIDŌT®, combining TracyDesu's love for the fall season that brings with it her favorite fruit, the crisp, fresh and delicious red apple. Who doesn't love apples?!


    Fragrance Strength Level: 4.5/10

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