The ANTIDŌT® Gents Pack ($54 value) includes fragrance offerings from collaborations: @UnderThePalm's Tropicali, @JumpmanBostic's Midnight Cherry, and @clippsndrew's Vesuvius. If you keep your kicks in rotation, why not keep your fresheners in rotation?


Includes 3 decals (UnderThePalms, JumpmanBostic, Clipps&Drew)


  • 1) Tropicali


    Cali sunlight, palm trees, and that nice soothing breeze - Tropicali brings a chillaxing tropical scent that's subtly sweet, yet cool and delightfully refreshing. Definitely one of our favorite creations, since it embodies our home turf and vibe - California love in a bottle.


    Fragrance Strength Level: 4.5/10


    2) Midnight Cherry


    A dark, bold, and sultry black cherry scent that's sophisticated enough to satisfy even the most discriminating sneakerhead.


    Fragrance Strength Level: 7/10


    3) Vesuvius


    A fragrance that's bold and energized just like their podcast. It's a powerful scent that erupts to be "heard." Clipps & Drew describe it as, "Rich mahogany and leather-bound books inside of your shoe. It smells like you would want to wear it as cologne.


    Fragrance Strength Level: 9.5/10

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