The ANTIDŌT® Ladies Pack ($54 value) includes fragrance offerings from collaborations: @InfamousKayce's Midori Plasma, @taytayb1120's Sakura Breeze, and @tracydesu's SUPringo. If you keep your kicks in rotation, why not keep your fresheners in rotation? 


Includes 3 decals (InfamousKayce, TayTayB1120, TracyDesu)


  • 1) Midori Plasma


    Midori translates to the color "green" in Japanese and Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter. Combining the two words, "Midori Plasma" is intended to represent strength, energy and beauty. The formula's odor neutralizing power combined with a beautiful aromatic blend, you'll first be greeted with floral notes which then gently transition into a perfectly balanced scent of a juicy, freshly ripen honeydew - an out-of-this-world freshness for your prized kicks.


    Fragrance Strength Level: 5/10


    2) Sakura Breeze


    Sakura Breeze is a light and delicate premium fragrance that'll give your kicks the ultra-fresh pampering they deserve. Calm and airy like the spring morning breeze, it'll refresh the insides with a pleasant and relaxing floral scent of cherry blossoms. Go ahead, show some breezy love to your prized sneakers. It's Sakura Breezy SZN.


    Fragrance Strength Level: 5/10


    3) SUPringo


    SUPringo, a blend of the word Supreme and ringo (apple in Japanese), is our most hype ANTIDŌT®, combining TracyDesu's love for the fall season that brings with it her favorite fruit, the crisp, fresh and delicious red apple. Who doesn't love apples?!


    Fragrance Strength Level: 4.5/10

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