In 2017, we created ANTIDŌT Tropicali for the OG Vans sneaker community, UnderThePalms. This time, we wanted to come up with something inspired by Waffleheads, for Waffleheads. And since Bill Cruz, the owner of the UnderThePalms brand, is featured in the Vans' Waffleheads campaign, what better way to celebrate this than creating a fresh maple syrup scented ANTIDŌT that perfectly pairs with Vans' iconic waffle outsoles.


"Bill Cruz is one of the OGs of the Vans collector world. What started off as a hobby turned into a full-blown addiction - hundreds of Vans stuffed away in a storage unit near his California home. It opened a world for him that went beyond the fashion; it led to the creation of Under the Palms, a community of other like-minded collectors from around the world." Source:


Limited Edition Maple Drips decal included with every order.

ANTIDŌT - UnderThePalms' Maple Drips

  • What pairs well with fresh golden waffles? Maple syrup of course! Inspired by the iconic Vans' waffle pattern outsole, we couldn't help ourselves but create a fresh maple scented sneaker freshener.


    As with all of our ANTIDŌT sneaker fresheners, it's been formulated to first fight the funk, but this time it'll leave your sneakers smelling fresh like that real maple goodness - a complex, yet clean maple scent with hints of caramel and vanilla.


    Fragrance Strength Level: 6/10

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