The ANTIDŌT® Spritz Travel Pack is the footwear enthusiast's perfect travel companion and intended for that unexpected, but necessary on-the-spot refresh. Discreet and small in size, you can toss it in your backpack, your purse and even your pocket. Choose the fragrance based on your mood and simply, spritz!


The SPRITZ Travel Pack includes Future Fresh, Cool Watermelon, Astro Punch and either Citrus Chill (Spring/Summer) or Kandy Kayne (Fall/Winter), depending on the season.


Approx. pack size: 2.5" x 2.5"

ANTIDŌT - Spritz Travel Pack

SKU: STP-001
  • Future Fresh

    A fresh aromatic scent with a bright yet subtle sweet ripeness, leading into a calming zen-like finish. Fragrance strength level 7/10.


    Cool Watermelon

    A candy-like aroma that will take you back to those nostalgic summers days - cooling off the heat in a pool and chomping down on a cold slice of dripping watermelon. Freshness never smelled so sweet. Fragrance Strength Level 6/10.


    Astro Punch

    Rainbow candy treats and fruity cereal, who doesn't like the blend of all the delicious fruit flavors. If rainbow had a scent, this would be it - a fruity aroma that's been taken to the extreme! Fragrance Strength Level 9/10.


    Citrus Chill (1st day of spring until last day of fall, Northern Hemisphere)

    Our unique fresh blend created for the hot summer months, Citrus Chill bursts with a super bright and crisp sun-ripened citrus scent. Your sneakers will be instantly refreshed with an aromatic blend of fresh summer citrus fruits of pomelo and grapefruit. Fragrance Strength Level: 8/10.


    Kandy Kayne (1st day of fall until last day of winter, Northern Hemisphere)

    Our most mellow fragrance with the soothing and finely balanced scent of peppermint - a cooling freshness! Fragrance Strength Level: 4/10

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