The ANTIDŌT Kandy Kayne Holiday 2-Pack includes the OG and Special Blend versions of Kandy Kayne ($38 value).

ANTIDŌT - Kandy Kayne Winter SZN Pack

  • Kandy Kayne (OG)

    Our most mellow fragrance with the soothing and finely balanced scent of peppermint - a cooling freshness!

    Fragrance strength level: 4/10


    Kandy Kayne SB

    Kandy Kayne SB features a scent that's cooler and icier than the OG version - to give your prized kicks the ultimate iciness-sensation. It's so potent that your nose will actually feel the chills and make you think, "How could you be so cold, as the winter wind when it breeze, yo." ; )

    Fragrance strength level: 7/10

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