g·leth·r (short for glue + leather + rubber) is our inaugural fragrance for the new ANTIDŌT® LUXXE Limited Reserve line. g·leth·r was actually the first scent we planned to debut with for ANTIDŌT, but it proved to be very challenging to develop. 


As most sneakerheads know, depending on the sneaker brand (or even a specific colorway), the smell of the unboxing experience can vary. This made it more challenging to recreate the scent.


So, during the development phase we ultimately decided on a theme of capturing the essence of a sneaker factory's production line, where the air is filled with the aroma of raw materials that are used to produce a fresh pair of kicks. We created g·leth·r to be a balanced blend of glue and leather with a hint of rubber for that Box Fresh smell.


Note: This product will be handcrafted, in small batches. The process of creating this aromatic blend is quite complex, and therefore may not be available on a regular basis. g·leth·r will be available in limited runs.

*This item is excluded from discounts.

ANTIDŌT LUXXE - g·leth·r (Beta)

  • Get ready to experience that intoxicating fresh smell when unboxing a new pair of kicks. This is our first "industrial" inspired fragrance in our collection - with upfront notes of fresh glue and leather, finishing off with a hint of rubber. Go ahead, close your eyes and let the scent of g·leth·r take you on a journey to the production line of a vintage sneaker factory. It's the essence of Box Fresh formulated in liquid form.


    Fragrance Strength Level: 8.5/10

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