Great Product!


Works Great.

What more can you ask for? It deodorizes your awful smelling shoes + gives it a great smell. Some of the ones they offer are a bit too sweet for my taste but this one and the new shoe scent ones are great. Use them for all of my shoes now.

Fragrance: Future Fresh, glethr

Does the job.

Fragrance: Astro Punch

Heading 1


Keeping kicks fresh.



Love this stuff no joke my feet smell like death on a stick when I don’t wear socks, and then I spray this magic in there let it dry and boom smell gone...I was legit surprised.

Fragrance: Future Fresh

For whatever reason, my older Nike Air Huarache and anything with neoprene or fly knit were catching the funk often so I've started using Antidot after each cleaning and it makes a huge difference in keeping my kicks fresh.

Fragrance: Cool Watermelon


Great smelling product that works!!!


they work so well and smell amazing my favorite is cool watermelon

I am absolutely obsessed with them, they work so well and smell amazing my favorite is cool watermelon I noticed it’s the strongest and makes my shoes smell amazing I can even take them off and people have told me my feet smell incredible. I highly recommend to other SNEAKERHEADS ! 

Fragrance: Triple Fragrance Pack


Four Stars

Smells more stinky shoes!

Fragrance: Cool Watermelon

Great quality great smell!!! 

Fragrance: Future Fresh


Gets the job done!

My feet tend to sweat a lot and the humidity doesn't help matters. I've always had an issue with shoe odor. In the past I've used Febreze which only masks the odor temporarily. This product eliminates the odor completely. It has a sweet citrus scent to it which is fairly pleasant. I hit the inside of each shoe with 3 sprays and they're go to go the next day.

Fragrance: Astro Punch


The Best. Bar None.


I use it everyday.

"My new favorite...this is now my #1 favorite, this one is awesome!"

Fragrance: Tropicali

"It's like rich mahogany and leather bound books inside of your shoe. It smells like you would want to wear it as cologne."

Fragrance: Vesuvius



"Jumpman Bostic's midnight cherry, this is smells AMAZING bruh! It smells like a good black cherry."

Fragrance: Midnight Cherry



"OMG it smells sooo good!"

Fragrance: Sakura Breeze


Freshen Up The Kicks

Jacob DeLawrence

Milkshake Vibes

"The kandy kayne sb is perfect. I want a peppermint milkshake right now."

Fragrance: Kandy Kayne SB

"What a difference it makes. It doesn't just cover the smell like other fragrance footwear products but actual lifts the order away. Recommend this product for anyone looking to freshen up there kicks."

Fragrance: Astro Punch


AKA Funko Bad Guy

"Very lay on the beach and relax, it smells nice."

Fragrance: Tropicali


Like Putting On New Kicks

After just first use I love it! I use Antidot on all of my grails (Yeezy, Jordans, Ultra Boost, NMD, etc) I just give them a quick spray after every other use and it stays very nice. Highly recommended.

Fragrance: Future Fresh


Five Stars

Smells good, not overpowering. Easy to use and really works. Especially for my two active boys!!

Fragrance: Future Fresh


AKA Funko Bad Guy

"Smells like the inside scent of a new pair of shoes. Like a new pair of Nike basketball shoes.

Fragrance: g•leth•r


6/5 Stars Real Deal

I’ve had this about 6 months. I lift 5 days a week and I use 3 sprays per shoe per lift. That’s 30-35 sprays a week and I’m still on my first bottle.

I’ll continue to buy this product for life, my shoes have no odor but the best part is my gym bag and ALL the contents I keep in it also have no odor. 6/5 stars for me no debating.

Fragrance: Astro Punch



Being a female with foot odor is so embarrasing. This product surprised me. Perfect for sneakers and boots. I will order again..

Being a female with foot odor is so embarrasing. This product surprised me. Perfect for sneakers and boots. I will order again..

Volvo 60R

Nikki Hanson

My son has had trouble with stinky feet. This has helped out big time!"

This is my second purchase from

the company and this time I got

the watermelon scent! It is strong enough without being overpowering or smelling like medicine. I can sometimes smell the scent when wearing the shoe days later. Clean smelling shoes!!


Smells great, works perfectly, ideal for kids' shoes and also for post-athletic workout when wearing sneakers. An ideal shoe deodorizer!"

Janie Bonds

Very Nice Smell!

Kevin Scott

This stuff is great for gym shoes - meaning shoes I carry around all day

to take to the gym. I noticed the odor from my gym bag is gone. Good stuff. Thanks!"

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