Tiffany Beers talks about ANTIDŌT

What pops up in our heads when you say the name, "Tiffany Beers"? Nike Air Mag. Self. Lacing. Hyper Adapts. Nike. Tinker. Tesla. R&D. Engineering.

What a twist and turn of events as she is now a breath of fresh air for us in YouTube land w/ her knowledgeable sneaker reviews focusing on weight, technology, construct methods and other tangible value characteristics that make a quality (or not-so-quality) sneaker that us sneaker geeks can appreciate. And if you don't know who she is, here's a quick link about her. Thank you for such a positive review on our sneaker deodorizer + fragrance, Tiffany.

Tiffany Beers is also FDRA's Footwear Innovation she she gives us a rundown on the products helping shoe shoppers keep the stench out of their footwear. From sprays to scents, has got you covered.

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