Elevate the Unboxing Experience

Introducing UNBX® Key

From The Makers of ANTIDŌT®

The World's First Sneaker Unboxing Tool

The UNBX Key is...

  • Facilitating (and changing) how we unbox

  • Made of laser-cut stainless steel

  • Meticulously hand-crafted with care

Limited Qty. Production Batch

  • Introductory Price

Practice Safe Unboxing. UNBX® With Care.


Read about how UNBX Key came about here.

How the UNBX Key is Made

Each one is made-to-order.


After the UNBX® Key is laser-cut and machine-ground, we individually finish each one by hand. During this finishing process, we spend a considerable amount of time on each UNBX Key sanding and polishing the surface using various grades of fine abrasives. 

The UNBX Key is then inspected under magnification, hand-stamped and use-tested. Upon approval, it is touched-up and packaged.

Why do we spend so much time on each? Because being "slow and meticulous" is part of who we are.

Similar to a diamond, I guess you could say, "No Two UNBX Keys are Alike."


Through this process, we're realizing the UNBX Key is becoming functionally beautiful.

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